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I.M.T.O.T.L is a resource created to help streamline the practice of evidence based medicine. Centuries of utilization of the scientific method and analyses upon analyses have led to where we are today. We practice medicine in a time when we are afforded the luxury of knowing what is "best". Medical practice guidelines are an invaluable foundation for medical decision-making that are based on the outcomes of thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of times a given decision was made. We do not have to roll the dice on what is "best" for our patients because science and math have done their best to figure that out for us. Today we get to take that knowledge to the bedside and apply it to our patients everyday. Always remember, guidelines are not a substitute for knowing what is best for the person in front of you. Instead, they are the safe and sturdy launching pad where our medical decision-making should begin.


Before IMTOTL, searching for relevant guidelines often lead to an overwhelming search result (at least for me it did). Other times, you find the guideline you are looking for but don't know where to find it again in the future. Additionally, many sites notify the public of guideline updates but don't make theses guidelines easily retrievable. With IMTOTL, I maintain this arsenal with the latest guidelines. They are carefully curated to include only the most commonly used guidelines that an internist simply cannot live without. Using this strategy, IMTOTL streamlines the normally cumbersome process of a guidelines search so that for many medical conundrums there is no excuse for not knowing what to do...or, at least, where to begin! Have fun with your new guidelines filing cabinet!

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