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ACG has new recommendations for C. Diff prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

  • Alignment of severity grading with the IDSA (non-severe, severe, fulminant)

  • Recommend against using probiotics to prevent C. Diff while treating C. Diff (with antibiotics)

  • Use highly sensitive and specific testing to distinguish colonization from active infection

  • Metronidazole for initial non-severe infection

  • PO vancomycin OR fidaxomicin for initial severe infection

  • PO vancomycin + volume resuscitation for fulminant infection

    • may consider adding IV metronidazole​

    • may consider vancomycin enemas if ileus is present


USPSTF updated their colorectal cancer screening recommendations.

  • They agree with ACG recs to begin screening at age 45 (grade B)

  • Colonoscopy follow-up must be done for any abnormal findings on non-colonoscopy modalities


The American College of Gastroenterology has new recs on colorectal cancer screening

  • can start at age 45 for average risk individuals

  • colonoscopy every 10 years of FIT testing every year are primary choices

  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy and other modalities only if colonoscopy or FIT cannot be done

  • Low-dose ASA is recommended to reduce CRC risk if 10-year ASCVD risk > 10% and low bleeding risk

  • Also recs for colonoscopy quality indicators and improving adherence!



Get a handle

on PE:

An interview with 

Dr. Jonathan Paul of University of Chicago

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